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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 07 July 2010 22:15

About the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
The University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine (www.medschool.pitt.edu) is a dynamic, fast-growing national leader in sciences, education, and medicine which takes pride in its long tradition of research excellence and training by world-class faculty members committed to mentoring the next generation of scientists and medical professionals. The average Medical College Admission Test score of Pitt’s recent entering freshmen class is 11.7, and the class average undergraduate Grade Point Average is 3.74; both are the highest figures that this School has experienced historically. For comparison, the class which entered Harvard Medical School this year had an average MCAT of 11.8 and an average Grade Point Average of 3.8; thus Pitt’s admission credentials are close to ranking with those seen in the school which many observers would perceive to be the country’s leader. With respect to other aspects of training and education, it is worthwhile to note that the UPMC system has more than 1,300 residents and fellows, making it the third largest sponsoring institution in the United States. The year 2009 was a high point in that the overall UPMC residency training program underwent an ACGME accreditation review, with the program receiving a maximum cycle length before its next renewal of five years. This is a longer accreditation cycle than that obtained by Yale, Johns Hopkins, the Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford and Penn. With respect to funding from the National Institute of Health, Pitt ranked sixth in 2007 and fifth in 2008. According to US News and World Report, Pitt’s Medical School ranks in the top 10% of US medical schools for research. Pitt's Medical School ranks higher than prestigious universities such as Cornell, Dartmouth, Northwestern , University of Virginia and Mayo Clinic's Medical School.

A number of major American high technology companies have now established a presence in Pittsburgh to exploit this city’s unique nexus of computational science, biomedical research, and integrated healthcare.  Intel, Inc®has a major laboratory located between the campuses of Pitt and Carnegie-Mellon University, with this entity forging  a partnership between Pitt’s medical school, UPMC, Carnegie Mellon and Intel®. Microsoft®, Apple®, and Google™ have also recently established substantial satellite offices in Pittsburgh.  RAND®, the country’s leading health policy think-tank, also has a major installation in Pittsburgh and several Pitt faculty members, both in the medical school and in the Graduate School of Public Health, hold joint appointments with RAND® and with UPMC. Pittsburgh has once again been labeled as America’s most livable city by Forbes magazine, and the strong presence of UPMC and Pitt clearly are major factors in this recognition. The Forbes Avenue corridor of Oakland, extending from Pitt to CMU is a vibrant academic environment. This academic mile is often compared to Cambridge, Massachusetts which houses both Harvard and MIT.

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